Jim and Shannon West

Slippery Rock, PA


    This 93LE (186/1500) joined the family in May of 2005. I'd been looking for a second Zoomer for a while since the wife has come to really like the '95. I was worried that she was going to start getting up earlier than me in the morning. I was looking for a `92 or
'93 with the thoughts of adding a Greddy turbo and suspension goodies.  So one Thursday evening I'm surfing the Miata.net classifieds and there it is - a cherry 93 Limited Edition with 51K, all the special edition goodies, supercharger, etc It was way nicer than what I was looking for, but the $7500 looked like a good price considering the condition, miles, and extras. I showed the wife the picture and she (without the slightest hesitation.) says "Buy it!

    Well, that was all the encouragement that I needed. I talked to the owner and the history and description sounded good. Second owner, garaged, Mobil 1 at 3K, original paint, etc, etc. Friday morning I had a verbal agreement to buy the car and made arrangements to fly to Florida. Sunday I flew to Jacksonville and had the pleasure of being picked up by the nicest car at the airport.  The car checked-out at least as nice as the owner had described on the phone. The previous owner only did tasteful, quality mods with the intent of  "keeping it forever."  Monday we did the paperwork and then I drove 1000 miles back to Pennsylvania.

    In a few short weeks, I have come to appreciate what Mazda did with the LE package in '93. This car not only looks nice, but it
handles great. The Bilstein shocks, stiffer springs, and BBS wheels really improve the handling, at least compared to my base '95 with KYB AGX shocks. The first time the wifie drove the car, she summed it up pretty good when she said "it feels like I'm one with the road."  Now, keep in mind that she said this doing 90 at full boost while passing some slower cars. I may still have to get up earlier to get the '93 in the morning.

Aftermarket Mods:
    Sebring (aka Jackson) supercharger with K&N air filter
    Pillar mount boost gage
    Timing controller
    Front undercarriage chassis brace
    Front and rear shock tower braces
    Turn signal air intakes
    NACA headlight ducts
    Dual core metal radiator
    Flying Miata dual exhaust
    Push button start
    Red leather center console armrest
    Chrome Vent Ring and Door Pull Trim
    Chrome shift knob
    Chrome visor blanking plates