BBS Care Recommendations

from John Lewis, BBS of America, Inc


One of the biggest mistakes people make with wheels is actually doing to much to them. In an effort to keep their wheels as spotless as
possible, they use wheel cleaners that are way to strong for the wheels clear coat finish. Over time these harsh cleaners damage the clear

coat finish on the wheels making it cloudy and dulling the appearance of the paint below.  It is possible to bring the wheels back to pretty

close to their original finish but it takes a lot of effort!

Here's what I suggest:

    1. Wash the car and wheels with a mild car wash soap

        - I have never used wheel cleaners on my wheels, only the soapy water left over in the bucket after washing the car.


    2. Dry the excess water off the wheels

        - allow them to air dry for several hours to be sure almost all of the water is off of them.


    3. Next remove each wheel from the car one at a time

        - removing the wheel may seem a little extreme to clean them, but it makes the job much easier than squatting

           next to your car for a few hours.


    4. Polish the wheels on a work bench

        - use a wheel polish on the wheels that is designed for clear coated wheels.

        - I can highly recommend a product called P21s.

        - P21s makes a polish that they call "Multi-Surface High Gloss Finish Restorer".

        - It is a paste that you have to work into the surface and then wipe off.

        - Multiple application of the polish will result in a brighter result after each application.

        - By this I mean use the polish once, wipe of the excess and then reapply more polish and polish them some more.


    5. Apply a coat of wax

        - After using the polish, you should then apply a coat of wax to the wheels to protect them.

        - This is a lot of work; but as far as I know, it is the only way to bring back the original finish.

Good luck!
John Lewis
BBS of America , Inc.