AUX Input Modification

(November 2018 Updated)


This AUX input modification allows for Bluetooth connectivity between your phone/spotify and MSSS1.

This modification has been by created by several 93LE enthusiasts. 


Parts list


13-pin DIN    13-pin DIN Cable (prewired) $10.12 Part#: 839-1068-ND



Audio             Audio Jack Connector $1.43 Part#: CP1-3515-ND



Connector    RadioShack telephone wire connector (22-26 guage) $2.50 Part# 64-3073


                        (free if you email


Cigarette       Cigarette outlet 6ft $8.99



Bluetooth      Blue tooth receiver (I tried 5 and decided on Besign BK01) $24.99 


                         This includes a Ground Loop isolator (which you will need).  Automatically pairs to your phone within seconds.

                         Sound quality is excellent!  Hands free phone calls (just remember there are separate phone and music volume)


Get Oriented

"Plug View" is when you are looking directly at the female side of the plug, ie looking at the back of the MSSS.

"Pin View" is when you take the 13-DIN cable and look directly at the male pins in the cable.


    Plug View                                                                  (rotated)                                               


    Pin View


     Note: Plug view and Pin view are mirror images of each other.



1. 13-pin DIN cable

    The Digikey 13-pin DIN cable (Part# 839-1068-ND) has a different numbering system.  I updated the DIN pin numbering for our purposes.


    First You will need to get the wire to pin#10 out, the wire that goes to pin#10 is Brown

    To do this, gently cut open the cable, pull out cables and unwrap the foil.  Isolate 4" of the brown wire, cut distal end and crimp on a connector. 

    Wrap the remaining wires back in the foil, set it back in the cable and wrap with electrical tape.




2. Solder AUX Audio jack:

    Cut the cable to about 3.5 feet long.  Expose 1 inch of wires and separate the used from unused wires.

    Connect the wires to the Audio Jack. I recommend using the tiny holes in the prongs to hold the wires first.

    Once all the wires are in place, solder the DIN wires to the prongs.


    Left Channel      (Pin1-to-Audio4   Pin2-to-Audio2)  

    Right Channel   (Pin3-to-Audio5   Pin4-to-Audio3)  

    Ground                (Pin5-to-Audio1)

    Illumination        (Pin10-to-FactoryDIN#10)




    Two "unused" wires will carry a live 12V signal. Pin #7 (White/Brown) is the ACC 12V.  Pin #8 (White/Black) is the Battery 12V.

     Wrap these wires individually first, then fold back the remaining "unused" wires and wrap with electrical tape.

     Wrap the prongs to prevent exposure, heat-shrink optional.




3.  Remove MSSS

      (eyeball vents can be removed by using a coat hangar wire with a small hook on the end)


4.  Install new 13pin DIN

    Unplug the factory 13pin DIN and insert the new cable.




5.  Plug in the #10 pin wire into the factory pin.

    This plug will provide illumination to the factory radio.

    You will need to trim off some plastic off the connector to get it to fit between the other pins.

    If the connection is loose, remove the connector and crimp very lightly, then try again.

    I would insert a sewing needle in the connector while crimping to prevent over-crimping.




6.  Install the AUX phono plug

    Run the new cable to your location of choice.  I ran it under the stereo, through an opening on the right side of the stereo.

    The cable then runs around the gear shift to the center console.  This requires some mild  thinning of the plastic with a

    Dremel tool to allow the audio jack to fit)



7.  Install 12V Cigarette Outlet

      Remove the panel below the steering column in order have more room to run the wires.

      Pull the cigarette lighter our with a pair of plyers.  You may need to give one strong tug in order to remove it.

      Optionally, you can also push from behind but it is very difficult to get your hands back there.

      Run the cable from the center console, under the stereo, and through the cigarette lighter hole.

      Slice into the Blue Wire (+12V) and the Black Wire (Ground).

      Reinsert the lighter by applying gentle pressure; while keeping the black plastic collar in place.




8.  Reassemble the factory radio

      Do not forget to plug in the headlight retractor button.  It is commonly missed when reinstalling the console.


9 Install Bluetooth receiver

      I definitely recommend using the ground loop isolator that comes included with the kit.

      Reminder: when making calls, the iphone has a separate volume for making phone calls and listening to music.

      Pair your phone to the receiver.  The BK01 automatically pairs within seconds of starting the engine.




10. Time to plug in your music and enjoy the down of course.